I started Ogdin Folkworks simply to have a company to showcase my wares.  Right now that consists of all-natural, handmade beeswax personal care products and woodworking projects. I will be offering more of each in the near future. My goal is simple - to run a business that reflects my values. Here are some of the things I value and expect this small company to embody:

  • Sustainability: I use only natural, plant-based materials to create my personal care products and plan to use the same for finishes and stains in the woodworking projects I create (I also use as much reclaimed lumber as possible.) 
  • Local & Regional Focus: I am very proud of my history as an (almost) Nashville native and of the rich traditions of this region. I look to my family's history in the Appalachian region and the south for inspiration when it comes to making well-crafted goods with integrity. I also value the local retailers in Nashville and surrounding areas. I am grateful to be doing business with them, keeping my "distribution chain" in line with simply running errands.
  • Authenticity: As I write this, I am a one-man "company." Perhaps that might change in the future. My most important aim is to make products I would feel good about buying myself as a consumer. I simply want to make honest products that are well-crafted and add value to the lives of those who buy them. 
Also, you can check out my hiking & backpacking site here, or check out my podcast about sustainability and other obsessions here!
-Dustin Ogdin